Sword + Shield


The story is about a young female who uses a man to save the kingdom from the Dark King. Sword + Shield is intended to be a comic or manga. I've written the rough draft of the first chapter which is about 9 pages.

What I'm looking for:

Co-creator / Writer

I'm looking for an additional writer to help detail the story, characters and everything about the series. Basically, I'd like to find a co-creator to help create the series.

Comic/Manga Artist

I'm also looking for an artist to illustrate the story. It doesn't need to be in color.

Future Plans for Story:

I would like to create a complete series out of this story. It will be just enough to tell the story so it isn't planned to be a never ending series. I will be creating a website for the series and will be submitting it to various comic book publishers and sites in hope of them adding it to their catalog.

P.S. It should be noted that I am able to pay for services but it won't be much due to other project's needs.

To view the current draft of Chapter 1, please read below!



Hello, my name is Caesar Rubio and I’m a very enthusiastic Jack of All Trades Game Designer and Writer. As early as 5th grade (as far as I can recall), I wrote spin off stories with characters from games and comic book heroes. In high school, I rediscovered my writing ability and decided to use it towards the creation of video games. As I studied video game design in college, I wondered what other areas of writing my skills could be used effectively. Basically, I’d like to find out what I can’t do with my writing ability.

Currently, I’m using my skills to: create video games, host a podcast, write a full length novel, write a visual novel, and most importantly, work on my company Cloudscape Productions!

On a daily basis, I’m constantly brainstorming and writing out ways I can revise current and future development projects in a way that is tangible and beneficial for those that enjoy my creative works!

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