June’s Story


The story is about the main character named June. He is a senior at a Japanese high school and as it’s his last year, he wants to finally ask out his high school crush Mariko. In this romantic comedy and slice of life story, readers will experience June’s troubles with bullies, self-discoveries, courage and growing up.

Current State:

I'm in need of a visual novel artist to create character sprites for the characters involved.

To find out more of the story, characters and downloadable files relating to the project, please Click Here

P.S. It should be noted that although the URL post says unpaid, I am able to pay for services but it won't be much due to other project's needs.


Hello, my name is Caesar Rubio and I’m a very enthusiastic Jack of All Trades Game Designer and Writer. As early as 5th grade (as far as I can recall), I wrote spin off stories with characters from games and comic book heroes. In high school, I rediscovered my writing ability and decided to use it towards the creation of video games. As I studied video game design in college, I wondered what other areas of writing my skills could be used effectively. Basically, I’d like to find out what I can’t do with my writing ability.

Currently, I’m using my skills to: create video games, host a podcast, write a full length novel, write a visual novel, and most importantly, work on my company Cloudscape Productions!

On a daily basis, I’m constantly brainstorming and writing out ways I can revise current and future development projects in a way that is tangible and beneficial for those that enjoy my creative works!

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